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Price: 1009
Seller: Rehman Darya Khan Panhyar

NEW Kona 2010 Stab Supreme Bike
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Bernd Froessler
Price: 220
Seller: Bernd Froessler

2009 Edge Carbon Race Wheelset
Price: A$2000
Seller: David Nelson

Price: 250
Seller: quick love

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Nikon D3x 24MP DSLR Camera (Black) - Cycle2max Marketplace - For Sale

The dynamic range of the D3X has broadened to such an extent that you can expect finer tonal gradation in highlight areas — even with extremely bright subject matter, such as skies, snowfall or white clothing shot under harsh sunlight. And thanks to more accurate treatment of data via 14-bit A/D conversion and a 16-bit image-processing pipeline, tone jump is negligible. * Effective pixels: 24.5M * Image sensor:CMOS sensor, 35.9 x 24.0 mm; Nikon FX format; total pixels:25.72 million .

Nikon D3x 24MP DSLR Camera (Black)

Item: Nikon D3x 24MP DSLR Camera (Black)

Manufacturer: Nikon

Category: Other

Price: 4300 USD

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Seller: david grant | Posted on: 01 Nov 2010

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