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Betting on Cycling

Every year, millions watch the most important cycling events in the world. The Grand Tour features the best races and thousands of talented cyclists from all across the globe. It is a great time for sports betting and winning real money! Click over here now if you want to get more information about all online casinos options you may have, not just for sports betting but also for playing online casino games. The best part about online casinos is that they always have special bonus offers, especially for new players.

Three Most Important Cycling Events

While people in the USA love to watch Olympic sports, basketball, hockey, and American football, Europeans put their hearts and love in tennis, soccer, and cycling. The latter is not as fast as Formula 1 and lacks the explosive nature of a 100m dash, but the Grand Tour is one of the most prestigious sporting events.


Sports betting world is reinvigorated when any of the tours are about to happen. We forget about slots games, poker matches, and fantasy sports of the USA. All that we breathe and live is cycling! Every single online casino with betting options starts offering a package including a hefty casino bonus and an opportunity to bet on the outcome of cycling events. If you are looking for one, make sure to visit the Winpalace casino and use some of the hottest bonus promos they are offering. It's good to know that these bonuses are eligible for all gambling games, including sports betting.

Main Cycling Events

There are many interesting races that happen each year all over the world. However, the three most prestigious tours are those forming the Grand Tour. Sadly, events of such scope do not happen in the USA or Asia.

Giro d’Italia is a race that lasts 21 days with two additional days of rest for participants. It is a massive event with a route including mountain and town stages. The tour takes place once a year. Each year a new starting point is chosen amongst various European cities. In 2020, the race will start in Budapest, Hungary. It is one of the most important cycling events often called simply Giro.

Vuelta a Espana or simply La Vuelta is a Spanish cycling tour. It is a part of the UCI World Tour that also consists of 21 days of racing with the overall length of the event being 23 days. Spanish cyclists feel especially strong and confident during La Vuelta. Delio Rodriguez won 39 stages and set a record. He is one of the best Spanish cyclists. However, his performances during other cycling events are less impressive.

Tour de France is the most famous cycling tour. With a rich 115-year long history and thousands of memorable moments, this iconic sports event is one of the most celebrated races in the world. Just as all other Grand Tours, Tour de France lasts for 23 days with 21 days of racing. There are mountain and town stages, individual trials, and special prizes.

Cycling betting odds and tips

In any legal casino, bookies start accepting bets on various racers. It is a very exciting period in the life of any cycling fan. You can place bets at local bookies or in an online casino. The latter is a better idea since you can get a hefty casino bonus and spend it on slots games with bonuses while betting with real money. A cool way to improve your game and increase your chances of winning is to use a no deposit casino bonus, which can be found in practically any online mobile casino today.

Each of the cycling events is also featured in USA casinos and betting sites. In the USA, various channels like ESPN regularly talk about upcoming tours and chances of cyclists to win a specific race. One of the best tips for those who are not familiar with cycling (USA sports fans) is to think twice before betting against local racers. As mentioned previously, the home track advantage is a thing. Also, patriotism is not something unique to the USA. No one wants to lose a race in their home country.