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100% Original Segway i2,Segway X2,X2 GOLF PT
Price: 2200
Seller: Nasab Al ziz

Zipp 404 tubulars
Price: 1490
Seller: james russell

Fs: iPhone 5S 64GB, iPad Mini, MacBook Pro15
Price: $399
Seller: more jackso

WTS:iPhone 5S gold,PS4,iPad AIR,Galaxy S4,Xperia Z
Price: 500
Seller: Edgars Store

Price: 400
Seller: saleh hameed

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oelckers family - Cycle2max Marketplace - For Sale

for sale oelckers family including Kerstin Oelckers,,,never seen nor heard of since i was 3 hates my mum and blames her for her brother ole being a dead beat dad who hasn't contacted me since i was 3 as well, in fact none of the oelckers family would even know who i am nor care, i asked my mum to ring kerstin so i could talk to her, kerstin just hung up then sent the police around to tell my mum and I never to try to talk to her again the police were embarassed and apologised to me and my mum

Item: oelckers family


Category: Other

Price: 1

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Seller: charlie oelckers | Posted on: 11 Jun 2015

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