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Member Statistics

Gender: Male

Age: 42

Total Times Entered: 115

Favourite Course:
Greenhill Road (Mt. Lofty) (32 rides)

Avg Distance per Week:

Matthew Lohmann

Member Profile: Matthew Lohmann

Member Since: 2009

South Australia, Australia

Physiological Details



Resting Heartrate:


Current Weight:

82 kg

Maximum Heartrate:








Cinque Terre

Super Hero:


Temper Trap



Bike Details


Fuji SST 1.0


Reynolds Assault


Ultegra 6700



Bike Weight:

7.5 kg

Latest Times

Hill Climbs

16 Apr 2011: Norton Summit - 17mins 3secs

15 Mar 2011: Windy Point - 11mins 32secs

15 Feb 2011: Windy Point - 11mins 45secs

22 Jun 2010: Windy Point - 12mins 4secs

20 Jun 2010: Windy Point - 12mins 24secs

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23 Sep 2011: Morning Ride - 39mins 11secs

28 Jul 2011: Morning Ride - 40mins 16secs

09 Mar 2011: Morning Ride - 40mins 46secs

19 Apr 2010: Morning Ride - 40mins 43secs

12 Mar 2010: Morning Ride - 40mins 49secs

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Saved Courses

Circuits & Hill Climbs saved by this rider:

Australia > South Australia > 4 Climbs

Australia > South Australia > Morning Ride

Australia > South Australia > The Sub 50 plus Corkscrew


Matthew commented on his own time: "New PB by over a minute. First time under 40 minutes."

Matthew commented on his own time: "Quick climb before flat Sunday group recovery ride"

Matthew commented on his own time: "New PB"

Matthew commented on his own time: "New PB"

Matthew commented on his own time: "Felt good this morning. Nice and cold too! Passed three guys doing a big chainring strength effort all the way up. Nice work lads!"

Forum Posts

19 Oct 2011 4:04 PM posted in Jayco Herlad Sun Tour

Paul, apparently it was around the 8 minute to 8 min 20 sec mark.

14 Oct 2010 11:48 AM posted in Forum Topics being Hijacked

Can I just voice my concern over the increasing amount of crap being posted in the forum section from dodgy overseas websites and the like? Not sure there's much you guys can do about it but it's getting worse daily...

19 Jan 2010 2:07 PM posted in 2010 Challenge Tour

Okay…so here’s the story…I just rang the Visitor Centre to complain... We are not able to swap our jerseys prior to Friday. There will be a limited amount of jerseys for swapping prior to the race on Friday morning. There are going to be change rooms available and it will be a “first come, first served” policy. If you are not able to find a replacement jersey and/or the one that you have is not suitable, you will be able to wear a jersey of your own choosing (ie one you already own). There is going to be a cloakroom service at the start where you can leave clothing for pickup later. They will however be making replacement jerseys available after the race (ie sometime in the weeks following the end of the TDU. I assume they will be making more for this purpose) so that you can swap the one you have with one of the correct size and fit. Seems I’ll wearing/bringing along one of my own and trying to swap the official one. If I can’t swap it I’ll either dump it in the bin and just wear my own, or put it in the cloakroom and get it swapped later.

26 Oct 2009 12:15 PM posted in Swooping Magpies

I thought "swooping season" was over but I got attacked on the weekend on One Tree Hill Road. Bastard had a go at me twice before I was out of swooping distance. Watch out for him if you're riding on this road. I only got swooped, no sign of hanging on and going for the eyes from this one...

23 Oct 2009 9:57 AM posted in GO Cadel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is that rainbow stripes on his shifters as well??


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