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Garmin Edge 705
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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 II N7100 32GB Unlocked
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Zipp 404 tubulars
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Age: 38

Total Times Entered: 25

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Corkscrew Road (6 rides)

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Durianrider Vegan

Member Profile: Durianrider Vegan

"eat big to ride big, ride big to eat big.."

Member Since: 2008

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63 kg

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cane juice


where I am today.

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people living their life purpose.



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calfee bamboo


chris king


dura ace 10



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9.8 kg

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Hill Climbs

26 Feb 2015: Norton Summit - 12mins 57secs

15 Dec 2013: Montacute Rd - to Corkscrew Rd - 11mins 48secs

12 Apr 2013: Corkscrew Road - 8mins 10secs

12 Apr 2013: Corkscrew Full Road - 10mins 36secs

24 Mar 2013: Coachhouse Drv/Woodland Way - 10mins 5secs

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Australia > New South Wales > hogans heroes


Durianrider commented on his own time: "Thursday Tower Hotel TT bunch."

Durianrider commented on his own time: ""

Durianrider commented on his own time: ""

Durianrider commented on his own time: "Strava uploaded with HR and Power meter data."

Durianrider commented on his own time: "Fully verified GPS time as uploaded to strava Norton Summit segment."

Forum Posts

01 Aug 2012 11:58 AM posted in Corkscrew rd repeats

As for a 13 year old riding up the corker thats a great effort. Take him up woodlands hill near Norton Summit and then he has done the steepest paved climb over 2k in SA.

01 Aug 2012 11:56 AM posted in Corkscrew rd repeats

I rode it 10times in a row on my mountain bike in 2009. Started at 11pm and got home around 2am. I didnt know there was a repeat record. Id say 50 times in a single day would be impressive. I will give it a go this summer. I have riden up Corkscrew Rd naked as a dare though. Not sure anyone else has done that. ;)

15 Nov 2011 4:30 PM posted in what do you eat to stay trim all year long?

People ask me all the time 'bro! your still as lean as you were 10 years ago and you dont even ride as much? wtf?' Here is what Ive found works gold. High calorie, high carb, low fat, plant based. TASTY! edited by harley j on 15/11/2011 <em>edited by harley j on 15/11/2011</em>

15 Nov 2011 4:22 PM posted in new to hill climb events

Get a power meter and ride compact cranks unless your climbs are under a minute and then its just hammer time in a gear you can accelerate with. Watch the top doped up climbers. They still rely on cadence and easy gears and pacing and sufficient carbs and water and positive mental focus. I will make a vid about this and post it soon enough.

17 Jul 2011 12:17 AM posted in Bamboo bike series 2.

My Calfee got stolen in Malaysia in 2009 and I didnt have insurance lol! Ouch! Ive just grabbed a new one from Webb Works at and here is a vid about it. <em>edited by harley j on 17/07/2011</em>


18 Feb 2013: For Sale - MAVIC KSYRIUM BRAND NEW!

17 Mar 2011: Wanted - Wanted to buy: Compact 175mm crank.

13 Jan 2011: For Sale - Limited edition soupster fixy.

04 Jan 2011: For Sale - Wanted to buy: Compact 175mm crank.

01 Oct 2010: For Sale - Vittoria open KX tyre.

11 Sep 2010: For Sale - Trek Madone superlight

19 Oct 2009: Wanted - compact cranks wanted to buy.

08 Oct 2009: Wanted - dura ace 7800 shifters.

22 Sep 2009: Wanted - specialized toupe or phenom 130 saddles WANTED