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Nikon D90 / Nikon D7000 / Nikon D3S / Canon EOS 7
Price: 500
Seller: mohammed hassan

FOR SALE: KORG PA900, PA800, PA600, PA500
Price: 600
Seller: simao cole

AVANTI - Team Corsa 2005
Price: $1590 AUD
Seller: james russell

Samsung Galaxy S7/Galaxy S7 Edge/Galaxy S6 Edge
Price: 450
Seller: Amir Faizal

Garmin Alpha 100 Handheld with 3 TT15 Collars
Price: 690
Seller: Arthur Tomlinson

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Total Times Entered: 31

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Red Hill (6 rides)

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Michael Tolhurst

Member Profile: Michael Tolhurst

Member Since: 2008

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19 Apr 2007: Corin Road - 31mins 4secs

28 Mar 2007: Red Hill - 2mins 59secs

28 Feb 2007: Red Hill - 3mins 8secs

10 Sep 2006: Honeysuckle (Vikings CC hill climb) - 20mins 40secs

29 May 2006: Mt Stromlo - 7mins 9secs

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Michael commented on his own time: "Did this after some motor-pacing in the morning. Felt surprisingly good on the climb. Majority of actual climbing in 39x19."

Michael commented on his own time: "Started a bit slower than previously, leaving me with more strength left at the top, stayed out of the saddle for whole climb, 175bpm max. A bit cold 8 degrees."

Michael commented on his own time: "Did first third of climb very quick, then got bogged down a bit and couldn't accelerate over the top. Maybe just stay out of the saddle the whole way next time? 175 max hr. 15 degrees. A bit over-dressed."

Michael commented on his own time: "Very strong tail wind for some sections."

Michael commented on his own time: "Small chainring to the gate then big dog to the top. Still a little cold for my liking."

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