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Articles > Designing a Healthy Meal Plan

So what does all this mean when talking about real foods… what should you be aiming for each day when designing your own meal plans?

The following tables which we have copied from the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating (produced by the Australian Government) show you how many serves of food from each group you should be eating each day.

See our serving size article for information on how much is in a serve.

Serving Size Guide

Here is an example meal plan for women that meets the suggested number of serves per day but is also low in calories (1600 calories)

Meal Food Calories
Breakfast 3 Weet-Bix + ¾ cup skim milk + ¾ Cup tinned fruit
+ coffee with milk and sweetener
Morning Snack 200g Diet yoghurt + 1 Piece Fruit 170
Lunch 2 slices grain bread + 50g Shaved turkey + 1cup salad  + 1tbs low fat Mayo + 1 fun size choc bar 450
Afternoon Snack 1 carrot (sticks) + 1 stick celery + 5 water crackers +      1/3 Cup low fat dip (Hummus, Tzatziki etc) 200
Dinner 100g Grilled chicken (no oil) + 1 cup brown rice + 1½ cups steam veg 500
Fluids Drink at least 2L of water per day + extra when exercising 0

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For further details contact:

Ms Olivia Pilla
Accredited Practicing Dietitian
BNutrDiet & BHlthSc.