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Apple iPhone 5 64GB (BLACK AND WHITE)/ Samsung S4
Price: 450
Seller: abdu lazeez

Factory Unlocked Apple iPhone 5S
Price: 400
Seller: Omar bin Al Falah

Price: 750.00

New : Apple iPhone 6S & 6S Plus 16GB 64GB
Seller: hasan mohammad

Apple iPhone 5S / 5C // Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Price: 450
Seller: jubri abby

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NEW APPLE IPHONE 5s 16GB/Apple iphone 5 - Cycle2max Marketplace - For Sale

SALAM ALEYKUM WE OFFER SALES PROMOTIONAL ON BELOW DEVICES These Phones are fully Original unlocked and can be use with any SIM card. No activation required check carrier frequency requirements. with 2 years international warranty. Contact for Price BBM PIN :2662F254 APPLE PRODUCT Apple iphone 5s 16Gb $500 USD Apple iphone 5s 32Gb $550 USD Apple iPhone 5 64Gb $320 USD Apple iPhone 5 32Gb $290 USD Apple iphone 5 16Gb $260 USD SAMSUNG GALAXY s4 :$$410 USD AVAILABLE IN STOCK NOW

NEW APPLE IPHONE 5s 16GB/Apple iphone 5

Item: NEW APPLE IPHONE 5s 16GB/Apple iphone 5

Manufacturer: APPLE

Category: Accessories

Price: 500

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Seller: Razeef Mohammed | Posted on: 29 Sep 2013

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