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Ride Statistics

Total Distance:
3.34km | 2.07mi

Starting Altitude:
186m | 610ft

Finishing Altitude:
460m | 1,509ft

Average Gradient: 8.2%

Elevation Gain:
260m | 853ft

Surface Type:
Smooth Bitumen / Asphalt

Difficulty: 59   What's this?

Rocking Stone/ West Nab. Hill Climb

Enlarge Image

Some very steep ramps of around 12% in places.

Distance: 3.34km | 2.07mi

Attempts: 1

Elevation Profile



From Meltham centre to West Nab via Wessenden head road.

Start Point: Meltham crossroads., stationary

End point: Where the pain ends .

Map & Route to Rocking Stone/ West Nab.


Fastest Hill Climbs

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1. 19mins 20secs - 03 Jul 2011: Nick .

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