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Ride Statistics

Total Distance:
1.80km | 1.12mi

Starting Altitude:
0m | 0ft

Finishing Altitude:
0m | 0ft

Average Gradient: 15.0%

Elevation Gain:
270m | 886ft

Surface Type:

Difficulty: 102   What's this?

Mt Glorious Road Hill Climb

Distance: 1.80km | 1.12mi

Attempts: 10


Leave Stamford Village (Outskirts of Brisbane) and head along Mt Glorious Rd, towards the end of the road you will see a large red sign warning you of the 15% gradient.
note: if someone has the actual altitudes let us know, just guessed ascent based on 15% for 1.8km

Start Point: bottom of climb, just before warning 15% gradient next 2 km, rolling

End point: T Junction at end of Mt Glorius Road

Fastest Hill Climbs

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1. 9mins 10secs - 09 Jan 2010: Correy Edmed

2. 10mins 7secs - 26 May 2007: Marek Marchewa

3. 10mins 59secs - 02 Dec 2006: Gary J Barnes

4. 11mins 7secs - 18 Jun 2011: Bryn Hannan

5. 12mins 23secs - 11 Dec 2004: gordon coon

6. 12mins 45secs - 02 Jan 2012: Luke McCormack

7. 13mins 40secs - 10 Feb 2017: Fabien Haddadi

8. 13mins 50secs - 02 Dec 2006: David Stringfellow

9. 13mins 55secs - 24 Jan 2004: cameron waters

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