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Ride Statistics

Total Distance:
25.30km | 15.72mi

Starting Altitude:
352m | 1,155ft

Finishing Altitude:
1,542m | 5,059ft

Average Gradient: 4.7%

Elevation Gain:
1,240m | 4,068ft

Surface Type:
Smooth Bitumen / Asphalt

Difficulty: 106   What's this?

Cathedral saddle (mt Buffallo ) Hill Climb

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Distance: 25.30km | 15.72mi

Attempts: 7

Elevation Profile



Same climb as Mt Buffallo except you split right for Cathedral saddle instead of going left for the chalet after the small descent at "the gap".

Start Point: Toll gate, rolling

End point: Gravel parking at cathedral saddle altitude sign ( on left )

Map & Route to Cathedral saddle (mt Buffallo )


Fastest Hill Climbs

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1. 1hr 31mins 39secs - 25 Dec 2003: Nick .

2. 1hr 35mins 50secs - 19 Apr 2005: David Stockman

3. 1hr 45mins 29secs - 11 Jan 2009: Tim O'Leary

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